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Sustainable consumption
Duration: 4 hours
Date: unknown
Format: online
Price: 2500₴ (without VAT)
The course introduces the company's employees to the concept of sustainable consumption and helps to understand exactly how each of us can have a positive impact on the environment.
Anna Zhovtenko
Ecologist, manager of environmental projects, expert in the implementation of a green office.
Humans have caused global changes on our planet:
the climate is changing, millions of species are dying out, the world's oceans are being filled with plastic, and natural resources are being depleted faster every year.
Over the next decade, the future of our civilization will be determined, and if humans have been able to make this mess, then together we can also restore order.
Every day we choose different products, goods and services, and by just slightly changing our criteria for this choice, we can either take a step towards a sustainable future or completely destroy our environment. The choice, as always, is yours...
The course is aimed at forming practical skills, so 20% of the time is devoted to practical cases.
find out where all things come from and where they disappear
familiarize yourself with the basic principles of sustainable consumption
learn how to choose environmentally friendly products and services
During the training you will:
create your own roadmap for change
see the results of people's daily impact on the planet
learn about the main steps to transition to sustainable consumption
employees of all levels of management
Approximate program (can be adapted to a specific request):
  • Introduction, review of the course, expectations.
  • Block of information on the consequences of traditional consumption.
  • Interactive exercise.
  • A block of information on the principles and benefits of sustainable consumption.
  • Exercise on ecological products.
  • Break.
  • A block of information on the sequence of actions during the transition to sustainable consumption.
  • Discussion of barriers to sustainable consumption transition.
  • Information about successes and mistakes on the way to sustainable consumption.
  • A practical lesson on developing your own change map.
  • Presentation of results of practical work.
  • Completion of the course, questions and feedback.
Joint initiative:
St. Borysoglibska 16a