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"Green office" - advantages for business and benefit for the environment
Duration: 2 days for 3 hours
Recruitment is open
Format: offline
Price: UAH 2500 (without VAT)
A green office contributes to reducing office maintenance costs, improving working conditions, employee productivity and saving natural resources.
Oksana Lutsenko
- Expert in the implementation of the ecological business concept;
- International auditor according to the "Green Business" certification system;
- Founder and coordinator of the "Green Business Ukraine" Partnership;
- Director of the company "Eco-advocacy";
- Trainer of author's courses on increasing staff eco-awareness and implementation of the "Green Office" concept for companies: "Ukrenergo", "ASHAN Retail Ukraine", "Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine", "1+1 Media", "Bayer", " Eco-space "Dar" and others;
- Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper "Environmental Advocacy of Business" and presenter on the TV and radio channel "Agro-FM";
Important author's projects: "Cleanliness", Eco-marathon, Platform for the development of cities "TOGETHER".
The training teaches all stages of creating and maintaining a "green office".
Participants will learn how to improve working conditions, preserve valuable natural resources, reduce waste, make rational responsible purchases, save company budget and time for business tasks. During the training, a strategy for working with personnel will be developed for the powerful support of eco-changes in business, the introduction of "green office" into the corporate culture and obtaining the maximum result.
Develop your own "Green Office" implementation project and effective tools based on the experience of real companies;
See examples of real results of cost savings;
Create plans for eco-education and communication materials for staff;
During the course you will:
Learn the rules of responsible procurement, environmental criteria for office products, and ecological alternatives to everyday items.
This is practical training in the form of a business game with elements of project management.
Students of the course
The course will be useful and interesting for managers of responsible companies and employees managing environmental departments, responsible for corporate social projects and sustainable business development.

Additional benefits of the course:
You will have the opportunity to win an individual 2-hour consultation of a trainer on the implementation of the "Green Office" (raffle among participants);
- You will have the opportunity to submit an application for an audit or Green Business certification with EU grant funds (special conditions for financing projects in cooperation with a trainer);
- Get to know and establish useful connections with like-minded people from responsible companies;
- Strengthen personal motivation to lead a more ecological lifestyle.
Course content:
  • What is a "green office" and what are its features for office and industrial premises, components of a "green office";
  • How a green office helps to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and what it is for Ukrainian companies;
  • What tools are considered effective and practical when creating and implementing a green office, what is important to consider;
  • What should be taken care of first;
  • How to create safe and comfortable working conditions through the implementation of a "green office";
  • It is important to get involved with the support of colleagues and partners;
  • How much does it cost to implement a green office and when will the investment return;
  • What preferences for business from clients, partners and the state can be obtained today in Ukraine by implementing a "green office";
  • Practical examples of green office implementation in various companies and real results of cost savings;
  • Rules of responsible procurement, environmental criteria for office products, which items of daily use in the office can be replaced with more environmentally friendly ones;
  • Work with personnel - conditions for effective implementation of the "green office".
  • TOP 10 mistakes in the implementation of the "Green Office";
  • Bonus topic for personal motivation of participants: Sorting garbage at home: why sort, where to start, how to comfortably organize this process using the existing infrastructure.
Joint initiative:
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