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Sustainable marketing
Duration: 4 hours
Date: unknown
Format: offline
Price: 3500₴ (without VAT)
The course is designed to form an understanding of sustainable marketing, awareness of its relevance and prospects, and to provide an opportunity to develop sustainable marketing strategies in business.
Valery Kuzmenko
· Graduate of The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Diploma in Professional Marketing.
· Founder and managing partner of the almost invisible company SalesTech
· Co-founder and CEO of the representative office of the Baltic Sandbox accelerator from the EU
· 20 years of experience in building strategic partnerships, managing marketing, sales and business development, launching and developing European and Ukrainian IT companies.
· 17 years of work experience at Vodafone Ukraine, Intertelecom, lifecell (Turkcell group) and international IT and technology companies.
You will learn how to apply your creativity and communication skills to drive change for the benefit of the brands you support and the clients you represent, and understand the impact of these changes on sustainability in the business world.

Sustainability professionals, as well as corporate decision makers, will gain a better understanding of how to shape and implement sustainability marketing strategies.
Increasing brand awareness
Reducing costs, increasing efficiency and return on investment
Facilitating regulatory compliance
The results of the implementation of sustainable marketing:
More effective engagement of customers and partners
- Structured interactive content during 4 hours of training.
- World and Ukrainian cases of implementation of sustainable development in companies.
- Practical and group exercises.
- Practice in teams, selected conceptual materials.
The course will be useful for:
CEO, COO, sustainability managers are better able to manage the risks and opportunities associated with social and environmental initiatives.
CMO, Marketers will be helped to adapt to the growing needs of consumers and commercial activities regarding sustainability, renewables, environmental friendliness, safety.
Module 1. Context of changes
This module examines the history of sustainable and green marketing and examines global evidence that consumers and business-to-business buyers are changing values and seeking more socially and environmentally responsible products and services.
Module 2. Marketing potential
This module transforms the marketing mix as a tool for marketing in a new era of customer concern for social and environmental impact. You will gain insight into best practice examples from around the world and Ukrainian examples of sustainable marketing implementation, which you can immediately apply at work.
Module 3. Make your brand the epicenter of change
This module highlights the key issues and opportunities to fully harness the power of your brand. Learn how to shape leadership and love through the waves and emotions you create. This module explores the potential for brands to succeed by implementing sustainability, moving beyond promoting products and services to championing shared values through online reach and community engagement.
Module 4. Marketing and Responsibility
The module explores the potential for brand and category damage through false and misleading claims, so-called greenwash, using a variety of examples. Understand the compliance and risks of brand greenwash and how to avoid it.
Module 5. Reuse
This module explores a new area of business operations with a network of social and/or environmental impact issues. It examines the role of managers and marketers when companies go beyond harm reduction to improve the society and environment in which they operate. Become more prepared for the next wave of the sustainability challenge - the transition to net positive impact.
Joint initiative:
St. Borysoglibska 16a