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Development and implementation of the strategy of sustainable development in the organization
Duration: 4 hours
Date: TBA
Format: online
Price: TBA
Course participants learn about the development and application of an organization's sustainable development strategy, which involves the integration of economic, environmental, and social goals into the organization's activities in order to create long-term value. Both theoretical information and practical examples will be presented.
Ivan Koryakin
He has more than 25 years of practical experience in business, including 17 years of experience in banking. He is a consultant, trainer and coach in matters of strategy and finance. He has developed and conducts training courses, is the author of numerous publications, including on the topic of sustainable development.
you will get an idea about the strategy of sustainable development, the order of its development and the mechanism of implementation, solving problem situations
During the training you will:
heads of enterprises and organizations, specialists in sustainable development, university final year students, activists
Part I - Introduction
  • Getting to know the participants
  • Course objectives
Part II - What is the strategy of sustainable development of the organization. Its components.
  • Concept of sustainable development strategy
  • Topicality
  • Constituent parts
Part III - The procedure for developing a sustainable development strategy
  • Vision, mission and values
  • Priorities
  • Goals and KPIs
Part IV – Consideration of a practical case 1
  • Development of a sustainable development strategy for a specific organization
Part V – Implementation of the sustainable development strategy
  • Work with stakeholders
  • Monitoring of goals and KPIs
  • Adjustment
Part VI – Complexities, challenges and risks
  • Failure to achieve goals and KPIs
  • Shortage or lack of funds
  • Communication
  • Changes in the external environment
Part VII – Consideration of a practical case 2
  • Finding solutions for problem situations
Part VIII - Summary of the course
Joint initiative:
St. Borysoglibska 16a